By the Grace of His Holiness Sri

Satguru Jagjit Singh ji, Supreme

Spiritual head of Namdhari Sikhs, we
are in the field of ancient Indian System

of Medicine "Ayurveda" and we have

full fledge well equipped Ayurveda

Center in New Delhi,


  • Ayurvedic treatments for acute & chronic diseases
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Ayurvedic massages & panchkarma
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Ayurvedic beauty treatments
  • Diet counselling
  • Psychological counselling
  • Special personalized AROGYA packages
  • Ayurvedic tonics and beauty products
  • Ayurveda training programmes
Dr.S.P.Singh conducted a workshop on 'Ayurvedic Management of Mother and Child Healthcare' in Bangkok on 31.10.2014

Dr.S.P.Singh presented a paper on 'Ayurvedic Management of Psychiatric Disorders' at the International Ayurveda Congress in The Netherlands, Europe held on 11-12 April,2015.

Ayurveda offers preventive as well as curative treatment for Swine Flu.
As far as prevention is concerned ,according to Ayurveda your immunity level should be good to avoid H1N1 VIRUS.To upkeep your immunity,you should follow tips given below:
1.Use herbs such as tulsi,giloy[guduchi],pippali,choti elaichi and munakka.
2.Avoid canned and preserved food items.
3.Avoid fried food,sauces and spicy food.
4.Avoid cold and fizzy drinks.
5.Childern should consume Chyawanprash to keep the virus away.

If there are any flu like symptoms then don't panic.Ayurveda has many medicines such as laxmi vilas ras,abhrak bhasam,talisadi churan,sudarshan ghan vati,tribhuvan kirti ras etc. to tackle the symptoms of Swine Flu.If you find any symptoms such as cold,new cough,runny nose,fever,bodyaches and other flu like symptoms,then contact your nearest ayurvedic doctor to start the medicines as soon as possible to avoid any further complication.If you have any query/doubt regarding Swine Flu,then you can get free online ayurvedic consultation at our website.Just mail your query to info@arogyamandir.co.in

Ayurvedic Therapy Camp was organised at Guangzhou,China on 17-18 August,2012 and at Hongkong on 20-21 August,2012. Dr.S.P.SINGH checked the patients there and told them about Ayurvedic Life Style and dietry guidelines. A Free talk on Ayurveda was also organised on the eve of Ayurvedic camp so that people can know about Ayurvedic way of living.

CAITHY ORGANICS, NEWZEALAND organised a workshop on AYURVEDA and invited Dr.S.P.SINGH to conduct this Ayurveda workshop in Wellpark college of natural therapies, AUCKLAND on 13th June,2012.It was an hour long presentation followed by question answer session.Participants showed great interest in Ayurveda and enquired about further Ayurveda study options.
Dr.S.P.SINGH recently attended conference on AYURVEDA AND CANCER held at INDIA INTERNATIONAL CENTRE,DELHI on dated 6.02.2012 organised by Rashtriya Ayurved vidyapeeth,Punjabi bagh,NewDelhi.

Dr.M.Fowdur of Mauritius has successfully completed her short term training programme in Ayurveda on dated 28.01.2012 from our centre,Arogya Mandir Ayurvedic Centre,Newdelhi.We wish her success in life.